At "Avocado" we pay particular attention to the safety of your child, therefore:

  • The staff consists of only qualified persons who have experience in working with children,
  • We know how to take care of children’s health and how to prevent infection; we are able to properly wash their hands (it is a rare skill!) and we teach it to the children (the entire staff has been trained by an employee of the Children's Health Center),
  • We are all able to provide first aid in case of an accident,
  • We focus on the quality of our work. We follow the standards developed for day care centers by the Comenius Foundation (PDF),
  • We create conditions for the smooth adaptation of children to the day care center,
  • When designing the interior and deciding on the center’s furnishings, we paid particular attention to ensure that it is safe and friendly for young children. We also use our own, safe playground,
  • Our day care center was approved by the sanitary authorities, the Fire Brigade and entered into the register of day care centers maintained by the Warsaw City Hall.