Why an intercultural day care center?
In early childhood, children discover that people are different. At this age their relationships to other people are shaped – based on respect and openness, or on the contrary, full of fears and prejudices in their contact with "otherness". From an early age we want children to be open to cultural diversity and interested in the world and other people. In the future today’s kids will travel the world studying or working. Also in Poland, in scientific, business or social circles they encounter people of different nationalities. We think that it is worthwhile for toddlers to meet children from other cultures, and in our opinion such acquaintances should be something natural for them. We would like to create conditions in which children and families from different nationalities can meet, get to know each other, share their knowledge with each other, as well as spend time, have fun, listen and inspire each other. We believe that meeting people who are different from each other (e.g., in terms of their origin, skin color, values), enriches us with new experiences and makes it possible to look at the world from a different perspective.

How is interculturalism manifested in our day care center?

  • The opportunity to meet cross-cultural families (children and adults),
  • The exploration of one’s own and other cultures in music, art, dance and cooking through stories, fairy tales, games, traditions, etc.
  • In toys, props and an inspiring environment referring to different cultures.

Why a language day care center?
Early contact with a foreign language (daily listening to its melody and assimilation of vocabulary in relation to a specific situation), helps a child learn the language and, later on, also other languages. Our priority is to learn English, therefore we ensure children in the day care center daily contact with this language. We also create the possibility of contact with other languages. During intercultural classes children can experience with all their senses contact with a given country or place on the earth – they will get to know stories, fairy tales, songs and poems in a foreign language, listen to music or see the landscape of a particular place. They can also experience culinary delicacies and enjoy playing games from distant parts of the world.

The idea of the intercultural day care center is based on, among others, the experience of the project "Intercultural Kids Club" implemented by the Polish Centre for International Aid in cooperation with the Sto Pociech (A Hundred Kids) Foundation. See the brochure documenting this project: PDF