While designing the interior of the day care center we looked carefully at what our kids like to do. We created a space that is accessible and friendly for children and where there is plenty of room to move, play and explore the world. The interior is filled with hand-made decorations and toys as well as articles that refer to different cultures. We use friendly materials such as cotton, linen and felt. We carefully selected all the elements of the furnishings to make sure that they are safe, ergonomic, adapted to the age of children, and above all, fascinating for them. We know that children love movement (running, spinning in circles) so we give them a lot of freedom and adjust space for spontaneous activity.

The author of the interior and creator of the unique toys and decorations is Joanna Rudzińska – a painter, set designer, mom of four-year old Maciek (strychomanka@onet.pl, +48600048120).

Opening new location in Mokotow! July 2017
Pomelo daycare, Tyniecka 54, lok. 3, 02-621 Warsaw, Mokotow

+48 608 312 109, hello@pomelo.edu.pl, www.pomelo.edu.pl
Monday-Friday 8:00-17:30

Pomelo daycare July 2017:

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Avocado Daycare Sułkowskiego 22, 01-602 Warsaw, Zoliborz:






Avocado Daycare Saska Kepa (closed in 2016):

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