We do our best to make sure that we provide healthy meals for children. We serve international and light cuisine, which includes:

  • high-quality dairy products, fish and meat (turkey, veal, only eco chicken),
  • eggs from free-range farms,
  • whole wheat flour, cereal, natural sourdough bread,
  • organic Korycinski cheese,
  • high quality oils and sugars,
  • local and seasonal products (fruit and vegetables).

We do not use preservatives and enhancers.

Our menu provides children with all the necessary nutrients and is based on the nutrition pyramid, recommended by WHO (World Health Organization).

We respect the individual diets of children with allergies.

Meals in "Avocado" are not only healthy and made from organic food, but also a daily opportunity to promote children’s independence and self-esteem. We believe that food is a pleasure that also offers a lot of fun in a common feast. Teachers and children eat together and at mealtimes casual conversations on various topics are welcome. We do not force children to eat. We share with each other everything which is on the table. We encourage children to be independent when it comes to eating and deciding what and how much can they eat. Children themselves put food on their plates and older children help younger children. We are attentive to the needs of children – we let them decide whether they want to do something on their own or get some help. The atmosphere, while eating, is like a family dinner, during which everyone (children and adults) are unique guests.